Titanium microchip is planted in my brain
I’m watching the world beside me
It will never be the same

The doctors are pumping
New blood into my veins
I’m ready for changes
I shiver I just can’t wait

I’m conscious but I can not move I’m falling down
They all decided what I’ll do and if I’m found

They programmed my future
Erased all of my past
They promised me heaven’n’that
Forever it will last

A new better world is calling
The past is all away
Wings of euphoria flying me
To brighter days…

Don’t wake me till it’s over cause this is the best way
To spend the rest of my life in my magic shell

Don’t break my dream I wanna fall asleep
I wanna live in a different world (so far away from here)
And now I see I’m diggin’ in too deep
To find the shelter in my shell